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ArredoCAD for Designers is Italy’s leading 3D interiors design software. ArredoCAD makes it easy for you to design a whole apartment thanks to a wide range of different libraries stocked with modern and traditional kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, accessories, designer goods and other extra optionals (doors, windows, pavements, carpets, pictures, vases, lamps, false ceilings etc.). The top quality pictures that ArredoCAD creates make it the ideal tool for communicating your look helping you to sell your ideas.

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Haks has more then 10 years of experience in serving the design software industry with a strong team of over 100 and over 40 partners and distributors across the globe. Haks has users from more than 80 countries for interior design, exterior design, kitchen design and 3d design softwares . Learn interior design anytime anywhere easily with online interior design courses.


EliteCAD AR is a model-orientated 3D-Software for the planning of building construction. With EliteCAD AR you are able to efficiently create 3-Dimensional models, from which a diverse range of plans, images and measurements can be taken. You are able to create perspective, isometric or frontal elevation view plans but you can of course define and modify your information in standard floor plans as well.

InteriCAD 7000

InteriCad 7000 is the innovative interior and exterior design software which is specifically developed to meet the needs of designers. With 14 years’ successful history, InteriCAD can provide interior & exterior design, working drawing, furniture design and magic 3D functions, which will finally lead to a revolution in the industry. It includes modeling tool and render engine as the complete solution for many thousands of designers over the world.

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InteriCAD T5

InteriCAD T5 is professional software for interior and exterior design. With 16 year’s successful history, based on haks’s unique reality rechnology, InteriCAD can provide interior & exterior design, workng drawing, furniture design and magic 3D functions, which will finially lead to a revolution in the industry. InteriCAD T5 provides interior design, exterior desing, render, animation, working drawing and furniture design in a professional manner.

InteriCAD Lite

A professional and yet easy-to-use 3D design software involved in the interior design field. No CAD knowledge is required. From 2D floor plan to real 3D image and animation, InteriCAD Lite provides a fast way and various forms to present your design idea to your clients.

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KD Max

KD Max is a software for kitchen cabinet design purpose, which is highly user-friendly and customer-oriented. KD Max can provide completed range of solution within only a few minutes. kitchen floor plan with dimension, Optional kitchen cabinet arrangement and design, Photo-realistic images, Accurate quotation, Detailed working drawings, Abundant library (home appliances, accessories, handles, door panels.


iScan is an advanced presentation system for furnishing products and building materials. By simply scanning the barcode of one specific material, iScan will show how this product will look like when applied. iScan keeps the hardware requirement to the bare minimum. All you need to run iScan is a Windows PC with iScan installed, a screen to display the result on, either an ordinary computer monitor or a projector, your product catalogue with barcodes and a barcode scanner.


Cabinet Designer puts a fully loaded cabinet design studio at your fingertips. Design cabinets efficiently with over 200 door and molding styles. Use the Molding Maker? to create new molding profiles. Enjoy high-end, sophisticated 3-D renderings. Create your own libraries and pull-down menus tailored exclusively to your business. Powerful and easy to use.

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